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Coats Bonded Polyester Thread-16 oz. Spools

Coats Bonded Polyester Thread-16 oz. Spools

100 % Polyester
Coats Star Ultra Dee Thread is made from a high strength continuous filament polyester. Excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays, microorganisms and mildew and is ideal for furniture, automotive, marine and outdoor products.

Bonding means they are treated with a liquid resin and then cured and lubed. The bonding prevents fraying at a cut end, helps resist untwisting tendencies in multidirectional sewing, and protects the thread from abrasion and heat damage in the needles of high-speed sewing.

All coats items can be combined for price breaks, 4 oz. and 1 pound spools and bobbins. Example - 4-4oz. spools of black and 4-4 oz. spools of white and 2 gross of bobbins would give you the 10 price break on all items.

Price Per Spool
PhotoSKU Size / Color / Approx. yds. Per spool1+5+10+20+Quantity
 7866 DB-92 / Black / 4141 - spool$46.00$43.10$41.70$40.25add to cart
 7876 DB-92 / Beaver / 4141 - spool$46.00$43.10$41.70$40.25add to cart
 7906 DB-92 / Steel / 4141 - spool$46.00$43.10$41.70$40.25add to cart
 7870 DB-92 / White / 4141 - spool$39.70$37.20$35.95$34.70add to cart
 7871 DB-138 / White / 2913 - spool$37.40$35.05$33.90$32.70add to cart
 7890 DB-138 / Black / 2913 - spool$40.65$38.10$36.85$35.55add to cart
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