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9000 Series Olefin Cut Pile Carpet - 72" Wide

Cut Pile Carpet - 72" Wide, 100% polypropylene with latex back.

Product Description:

Yarn Weight:

12 Oz
Width: 72" (1.83 mts)
Length: 36 Yd (32.92 mts)
Fiber: Stabilized Olefin
Base: Woven Polypropylene fibrillated

Care Specifications:

  • 100%  washable
  • 100%  brushable
  • 100%  vacuumable
  • 100%  woven (not felt)
  • Fire retardant
  • Wear resistant
  • Resistant to oil stains, grease, ice cream, soda, coffee, mud, blood, pet stains, nail varnish and rust asphalt
  • Clean up with a cloth with acetone
  • No hair falls out, you can brush it with a wire brush
  • It has high resistance to fading
  • Will not rot, has no odor
  • Rubber-antiallergic, well finished with 14 automotive original colors.

  • UPS surcharge for items 60" and over.
    There will be $10.50 added to shipping for each package of 72" Carpet. 
    We try to package together different colors to minimize this charge.
    Maximum shipped by UPS is 5 lineal Yards.  

    Price by the Lineal Yard
    PhotoSKU Color1+10+36+Quantity
     PE01 Black$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     PE04 Maroon$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     PE05 Dark Blue$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     9008-72 Blue$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     PE29 Tan$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     PE12 Brown$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     PE12 Mocha$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     PE14 Camel$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     PE16 Silver$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     9017-72 M. Dk. Grey$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     PE18 Grey Tweed$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     PE20 Storm Grey$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     9011-72 Cafe Latte$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
     9025-72 Titanium$19.95$17.95$15.95add to cart
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